zondag 27 april 2014

#100daysofhappy - Day 23 See you in 2 weeks

Happy days! Packing my bags for a 2 week trip to Miami :)

I will be back asap with updates from the USA. Excited as can be!

zaterdag 26 april 2014

#100daysofhappy - Day 22 Summertime Workout

A healthy and fit body, an overdose of happy endorphins in the brain, stress release, and the list goes on. I can't see no reason why a good work out won't make you happy.

To get fit for the summer I am lifting weights and I am training for the 5K. To keep me motivated a good playlist always works. This is my current favorite playlist to help me through the work out ;).

Happy work out time!

dinsdag 22 april 2014

#100daysofhappy - Day 21 Yoga essentials

If everyone would practice yoga on a daily base I guess the world would be a happier place :).

I love yoga, from Bikram to Power Yoga and from Hatha Prana to Ashtanga Yoga. For me yoga releases mental blocks, brings me back into balance and my body feels like I had and hour long massage, Halleluja.

To enjoy a yoga class to the fullest a good 'yoga kit' is essential. Here are my favorites:

1. Yoga tank top from H&M
2. Splendid Cotton Track Pants via Net-A-Porter
3. Comfy blanket ideal for meditation time from Zara Home
4. Clean water to keep you hydrated with Bobble Sport
5. Colourfull yoga mats from Yoga Accessories
6. My fav after Yoga Tea, Love tea from Pukka Herbs
7. Hair Ties from Etsy

maandag 21 april 2014

#100daysofhappy - Day 20 A chocolate treat a day ….

Happy Food pur sang is of course chocolate. I guess chocolate is one of my favorite guilty pleasures. 

A little science - lesson; chocolate causes the brain to release endorphins, a little chemical that makes us feel good. Next to the happy effect, the higher the cocoa content in the chocolate, the better. Cocoa contains a high concentration of flavonoids, which is good for a healthy hearth, blood pressure, prevents cancer and a whole lots of other benefits.

But let's cut to the chase; eating a lot of sweet and sugary chocolate is not good for you. I try to eat a piece of chocolate with at least 85% cocoa content every day. However it takes time to get used to the bitter flavor. 

This recipe is easy, extremely quick and extremely tasty. 

For 10 chocolates you'll need:

20 dates
2 table spoons of oil (either olive or sunflower)
3 large table spoons of organic cacao powder (preferably raw)
1 table spoon of dried coconut
2 large table spoons of crushed almonds

Mash the dates together with the oil, coconut and cacao powder until you have a smooth mixture (it tents to get pretty sticky, be prepared ;)). 
Roll about 10 to 15 tiny balls. Roll the balls through the crushed almonds, you can also use coconut or pistachio for example. Place the chocolate balls in the fridge for about 25 minutes.

Be sure to not eat them at once!!

dinsdag 15 april 2014

#100daysofhappy - Day 19 I'd rather be at Coachella

Very high on my bucket list, no actually on top of my bucket list is to spend a weekend at the Coachella festival in Indo, Californië. I love music festivals, always have and always will; the music, the people, the connections that are made through music, the butterflies in your stomach just before the artists are about to hit the stage, the cheap beers, sunshine and overall relaxed vibes.

But Coachella adds another dimension, THE FASHION. Halleluja, hippie / bohemian chic never looked better. My fav essentials to complete your Coachella look are the following:

*Image source: Pinterest

woensdag 9 april 2014

#100daysofhappy - Day 18 H&M Conscious Looks

Luckily more and more chain brands are updating their collections with a sustainable or eco friendly line. I notice myself searching more and more for sustainable labels, not only to support the environment but to support 'healthy' and honest labor as well.
Every year H&M comes with a Conscious Collection (which is set to launch April 10th), the looks for this year are stunning and budget wise pretty affordable. But did you know that in the regular line, H&M features conscious pieces as well? Here are my fav looks for upcoming summer.

Shop these looks at www.hm.com

zaterdag 5 april 2014

#100daysofhappy - Day 17 Raw Noodles

I just finished Jason Vale's (aka the juice master) 5 day juice detox. Next to juicing I spend those five days finding inspiration for healthy and pure recipes.

I came across this Great and extremely easy to prepare 'noodle' salad on www.thechalkboardmag.com .

The noodles are made from zucchini strips and the super delicious, almost paste like sauce is made by mixing raw cashew nuts, sun dried tomatoes in oil, a carrot, chili powder and fresh basil in the food processor.
Top the salad with some healthy raw hempseeds

Find the original Here

vrijdag 4 april 2014

#100daysofhappy - Day 16 Happy Travels

O my there has been a huge gap since the last -happy day-! In my personal search for happiness I am in the midst of changing jobs; which explains the gap.
Last week I travelled to Dubai for a very short but very very sweet trip. Traveling is one of the things that makes me extremely happy (guess I am not the only one). Traveling however can be tiresome, herewith my favorite travel essentials which make my journey more pleasant.

1. Comfy sweater from Mango
2. The softest sweatpants ever from American Eagle Outfitters
3. Warm hand-knitted socks from my fav Dutch brand Kiboots
4. To keep your face refreshed and moisturized use Multi Active Toner by Dermalogica
5. Hydrate with organic coconut water, my favorite is Zico
6. Keep your hands moist and supersoft with hand cream from l'occitane
7. Sleepkit from Anatomicals via ASOS