donderdag 23 mei 2013


Beachstyle, summer style, festival style cruise style, etc… I love summer clothing.

H&M and Topshop both worked together with two beautiful celebs to show their take on summer. Which one's your fav?

dinsdag 14 mei 2013

Bike Ride

1. Nikkie shirt
2. Mango shorts
3. Topshop Flats
4. Topshop Bracelet
5. Johnny Loco Beach Cruiser 

zondag 12 mei 2013

Fashion Inspo: Megan Draper

Megan Draper is a character from the already epic TV Series Mad Men. Megan is fun, fresh and super stylish, did I mention she speaks French?

Mad Men is set in the late sixties and Megan's style is therefore very sixties like, but for that time a little provocative, sexy and hints a little bit towards Twiggy.

(Source: AMC)

donderdag 2 mei 2013

The Vanity Table

Ever since I was a little girl, my favorite place around the house is the vanity table. I used to admire my mom's collection of lipsticks and perfume and hoping one day I would have my own. Luckily I do. But how to keep it organized and inspiring? My vanity table means the start of my day, but also the end of my day. Therefore it has to be organized, but still super feminine, a little girly and personal.
Maybe you can even tell one's personality by the way her vanity table is organized….

My Vanity Table Heroin: