dinsdag 31 juli 2012

Eating around the world: La Paloma, Ibiza

There is no other place in the world that has such an attraction on me like Ibiza does. I have spent my last 5 summers there and I hope to spent way more! This little island has so many special and hidden away places like restaurants, markets, spa's, and shops. This little restaurant stole my heart; La Paloma.

La Paloma is located just outside the little village of San Lorenzo, which is situated right in the middle of Ibiza.

I made a reservation well in advance since this restaurant is very popular, not only among locals but also island visitors, rock stars, models and celebs.
La Paloma is surrounded by hundreds of lemon trees, herbs and vegetable plants, which are used in the garden.

The Italian menu is written on a big chalkboard, this because everything that is used is fresh and the owners don't want to throw anything away or reheat it in the microwave, don't you just love that?

I favor vegetarian food so I chose for the classic Caprese Salad as a starter, with the best Mozarella that I have ever tasted. As a main course I had the Bio Platter, a selection of vegetarian dishes like couscous, heavenly marinated vegetables, smoked eggplant filled with a tomato salsa. Everything was fresh and the basil on my salad came straight out of the garden! The wait staff was very friendly and sweet and present everything with passion and love.

The interior looks great and effortless, fresh flowers everywhere and a great collection of non matching antique plates and glasses (love it!). The outside is light blue and white which gives it a tranquil and relax atmosphere.
A must visit when you find yourself in Ibiza!

La Paloma
Carretera de Santa Gertrudis a Sant Lorenc
San Lorenc de Balafia, Ibiza, Spain

woensdag 25 juli 2012

What's cooking: B'day Pies!

How I love to bake pies... Last Monday I turned 23 and I spent my weekend baking pies. Seriously a great pass time (except when one pie fails at the first two attempts).
Its funny how you evolve over the years, when I was young all I cared about was what birthday presents I would get and how many people would visit my Birthday. Now as I am a grown up (sort of) I care about how my pies look and taste, what I dress for the occasion (I had to work but instead of the usual black I wore Pink), and how my invitation to the afterwork / bday drinks look like.
I spent the whole Saturday contemplating over cookbooks deciding what flavors my pies would be and the rest of my day at the hairdresser for the special B'day coupe ;). When I got home in the afternoon there was a huge flower arrangement was awaiting me from a special someone. In the end my pies ended up in chocolate flavor and pomegranate/vanilla and even though I had to work my birthday was a blast!

I found the recipes in the cookbook by Gartine (http://www.bol.com/nl/p/zoete-hartige-heerlijkheden/1001004007514734/?featuredProduct) a cookbook with seasonal recipes, sweet delicacies and salty treats!

dinsdag 24 juli 2012

Cultural: fashionable museum trip

My home is Holland, awesome country but lots of rainy days... So what do you do you visit a museum. Sounds dull right? Well, actually it wasn't. Currently the Groninger Museum, in Groningen, features two great exhibitions. One by Dutch designer Iris van Herpen and the other exhibition is by Chinese artist Yin Xiuzhen.

Iris van Herpen is a Dutch award winning designer who is known for her remarkable creations and use of unusual materials like wood, the whalebones of a children's umbrella, plastic and glass. The exhibition gives an overview of her designs from 2008 up till now. The somewhat futuristic but inspiring designs are very impressive and definitely museum worthy.

Yin Xiuzhen is a Chinese artist who creates art objects out of second hand clothes. Yin explains her idea and vision as follow:
Clothes say a lot about a person. At a single glance they recount how big a person is, his or her age, style, gender and income. But they also narrate invisible information such as the memory of a certain period when the piece was worn, and the reason why it was kept.’ 

My favorite piece in her collection are the 'Portable Cities'. As Yin was waiting at the airport she was wondering what everyone was carrying around in their suitcases, since in one way it represents their home. Inspired by this she created cities out of clothes in suitcases. The suitcases belonged to people from all over the world and the clothes that were used were from the person from that city which is represented in the suitcase.

The Iris van Herpen Exhibition will run till 23/09/2012 and the Yin Xiuzhen exhibition will run till 18/11/2012 in The Groninger Museum, Groningen The Netherlands

woensdag 18 juli 2012

Domestic Bliss: One sexy penthouse

Wow! how can this penthouse be on the market? If I would have been the owner of this lovely piece of real estate in Chelsea, NY I would never even think about putting this on the market.
The rooftop garden seems so peaceful and tranquil in one hectic city and the living areas are perfectly decorated, little hints of rock and roll, little Asian hints, space and lots of light.
If you are fortunate enough to have pretty large bank account and you are interested:
Buy Here
For now the pictures and inspiration will do...

woensdag 11 juli 2012

Indulgement: High Tea at Gartine

I don't even know where to begin describing this little piece of urban heaven.
2 years ago my friends surprised me on my birthday by taking me (blindfolded!!!) to a little lunchroom, Gartine, to enjoy a Hight Tea. If it wasn't for this great surprise I would have never discovered this place.
Gartine is a tranquil breakfast / lunch / high tea sancturary that is run by a fantastic couple. All the products that are used come straight from their very own garden that they own just outside of the city.

Our high tea started with a homemade (everything here is homemade!) soup of turnip tops. This was followed by a platter of salty delights like a quiche of brocoli and goat cheese, a sandwich with old Dutch cheese and mayonnaise of horseradish, and puff pastries filled with Mackerel mousse. After this we enjoyed our tea and took some time to digest.

But oh boy I couldn't wait for the cakes and pies to arrive. The sweet part of my afternoon was comprised of a white  chocolate cheesecake, lemon pie covered in heavenly meringue, pear / lavender pie, chocolate / coffee cake, vanilla cupcakes with a mascarpone cream and dried plums dipped in warm chocolate sauce.

At Gartine you actually taste every bit of passion and love with which everything has been made!

Gartine - Taksteeg 7, Amsterdam

maandag 9 juli 2012

Like: Hippy in high heel's very own brand new Facebook Page

A brand new Facebook page for Hippy in High Heels, get instant updates, daily inspiration and new blogposts! Worth the like I guess ;)


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vrijdag 6 juli 2012

To Have and To Hold: Zara Tote

Ever since I saw this bag popping up in Zara I've been obsessing over it. Last month I FINALLY got hold of this beauty and it hasn't lost my side ever since. Last few months Zara is doing great work in the bag department, which is good news for fashionistas on a budget!
Simple and Elegant, two words that describe this bag pur-sang.

 Zara - €119,-

donderdag 5 juli 2012

Love: A flowerchild's wedding captured by Vogue

These images were featured on Vogue last week, a wedding that kind of looks like a awesome hippy summer camp. The Love and Happiness are just dripping of the pictures, that is why I definitely wanted to share these here on Hippy in High Heels, except this awesome hippy bride, Pamela Love, kicked of her Chloe High Heels during the day and continued the wedding barefoot: Perfect!