woensdag 25 juli 2012

What's cooking: B'day Pies!

How I love to bake pies... Last Monday I turned 23 and I spent my weekend baking pies. Seriously a great pass time (except when one pie fails at the first two attempts).
Its funny how you evolve over the years, when I was young all I cared about was what birthday presents I would get and how many people would visit my Birthday. Now as I am a grown up (sort of) I care about how my pies look and taste, what I dress for the occasion (I had to work but instead of the usual black I wore Pink), and how my invitation to the afterwork / bday drinks look like.
I spent the whole Saturday contemplating over cookbooks deciding what flavors my pies would be and the rest of my day at the hairdresser for the special B'day coupe ;). When I got home in the afternoon there was a huge flower arrangement was awaiting me from a special someone. In the end my pies ended up in chocolate flavor and pomegranate/vanilla and even though I had to work my birthday was a blast!

I found the recipes in the cookbook by Gartine (http://www.bol.com/nl/p/zoete-hartige-heerlijkheden/1001004007514734/?featuredProduct) a cookbook with seasonal recipes, sweet delicacies and salty treats!

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Gefeliciteerd! De taarten zien er lekker uit!

  2. Beetje laat: maar nog gefeliciteerd! De taarten zien er goed uit, vooral die 1e is een plaatje! :)

    1. Thanks :)Recept is supersimpel en het resultaat mag er elke keer weer zijn! Ik heb er zelf voor gekozen de taart nog een beetje op te fleuren met wat gedroogde lavendel en poedersuiker. (Let op deze taart is wel voor Chocolate Die Hards ;))