zondag 27 oktober 2013

Ballet Bar Workout

A few weeks ago I had my first ballet bar work out, after a few lessons of falling down, extremely sour calves and inflexibility I am hooked.

Ballet bar work out combines pilates exercises with classical ballet. No tight buns, no mozart, no tutu's but a hard core work out that guarantees results (and uhm extreme muscles ache, but just lets forget about that for now).

5 reasons to give it a try:

1. Develop lean muscles
2. Improves balance
3. Improves flexibility
4. Tones your body
5. It promises a super tight bum ;)

dinsdag 1 oktober 2013

Breakfast: Oats

My mornings, not my fav part of the day (except for sunday mornings of course) have to be completely structured and planned. Waking up, getting dressed, facial care, make up, preparing for work etc. etc.

Unfortunately not always that much time to prepare a healthy and filling breakfast to kickstart the day. That is why I prepare my breakfast the night before.

What you'll need:

- Three tablespoons of oats (or oat flakes)
- one tablespoon of chia seeds
- 150 ml of soy milk, rice milk or almond milk (I usually use rice milk that is coco flavored)
- Fresh fruit (mango, strawberries, blue berries etc.)
- agave syrup or stevia powder for those with a sweet tooth

Mix the oats together with the chia seeds and vegetable milk in a big glass or bowl and leave it to rest in the fridge for one night. The next morning the mixture should have a pudding like texture, if the mixture is to thick, just add a bit of vegetable milk. Enjoy :).