maandag 23 juni 2014

#100daysofhappy - Day 25 Smile! Natural ways to a brighter smile

Of course we know that we need to brush our teeth at least twice a day, floss visit the dentist every now and then. Taking good care of your teeth is a must for good health and a bright smile ;).

However getting that big, white, sparkly Hollywood smile seems to be one step further. It takes pretty expensive professional whitening treatments and whitening strips to get results. Next to the money issue I doubt the health consequences a little bit….

Since a few weeks I started oil pulling and noticed that my teeth started to get whiter and whiter, even my mom and friends noticed it.

This got me to look into natural ways to get and maintain a bright white smile. Not completely sure if these little tricks work, but I would say that it is worth the try!

Oil Pulling
This is an ancient and relatively cheap ritual. All you need is a teaspoon of natural oil. I prefer virgin coconut oil. Swish the oil through your mouth for precisely 20 minutes. Spit the oil out and wash your mouth thoroughly with lukewarm water. The oil absorbs the toxins and bacteria in your mouth. And lots of people say they found their teeth wither after a few weeks of continuous oil pulling. I did at least ;).

Fresh Basil Leaves
Dry some basil leaves in the sun. As soon as these are completely dried out crush the leaves into a powder substance, add a little bit of water and brush your teeth with your home made basil paste.

The acid content in strawberries help remove buildup plaque and whiten your smile. Rub the strawberry back and forth over each tooth. After this, rinse thoroughly with water.

You are not alway able to apply these fancy tricks or even brush your teeth. Something you can do at any time is swishing water through your mouth after a meal. This to remove food particles and to remove any liquids you consumed.