woensdag 11 juli 2012

Indulgement: High Tea at Gartine

I don't even know where to begin describing this little piece of urban heaven.
2 years ago my friends surprised me on my birthday by taking me (blindfolded!!!) to a little lunchroom, Gartine, to enjoy a Hight Tea. If it wasn't for this great surprise I would have never discovered this place.
Gartine is a tranquil breakfast / lunch / high tea sancturary that is run by a fantastic couple. All the products that are used come straight from their very own garden that they own just outside of the city.

Our high tea started with a homemade (everything here is homemade!) soup of turnip tops. This was followed by a platter of salty delights like a quiche of brocoli and goat cheese, a sandwich with old Dutch cheese and mayonnaise of horseradish, and puff pastries filled with Mackerel mousse. After this we enjoyed our tea and took some time to digest.

But oh boy I couldn't wait for the cakes and pies to arrive. The sweet part of my afternoon was comprised of a white  chocolate cheesecake, lemon pie covered in heavenly meringue, pear / lavender pie, chocolate / coffee cake, vanilla cupcakes with a mascarpone cream and dried plums dipped in warm chocolate sauce.

At Gartine you actually taste every bit of passion and love with which everything has been made!

Gartine - Taksteeg 7, Amsterdam

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