dinsdag 31 juli 2012

Eating around the world: La Paloma, Ibiza

There is no other place in the world that has such an attraction on me like Ibiza does. I have spent my last 5 summers there and I hope to spent way more! This little island has so many special and hidden away places like restaurants, markets, spa's, and shops. This little restaurant stole my heart; La Paloma.

La Paloma is located just outside the little village of San Lorenzo, which is situated right in the middle of Ibiza.

I made a reservation well in advance since this restaurant is very popular, not only among locals but also island visitors, rock stars, models and celebs.
La Paloma is surrounded by hundreds of lemon trees, herbs and vegetable plants, which are used in the garden.

The Italian menu is written on a big chalkboard, this because everything that is used is fresh and the owners don't want to throw anything away or reheat it in the microwave, don't you just love that?

I favor vegetarian food so I chose for the classic Caprese Salad as a starter, with the best Mozarella that I have ever tasted. As a main course I had the Bio Platter, a selection of vegetarian dishes like couscous, heavenly marinated vegetables, smoked eggplant filled with a tomato salsa. Everything was fresh and the basil on my salad came straight out of the garden! The wait staff was very friendly and sweet and present everything with passion and love.

The interior looks great and effortless, fresh flowers everywhere and a great collection of non matching antique plates and glasses (love it!). The outside is light blue and white which gives it a tranquil and relax atmosphere.
A must visit when you find yourself in Ibiza!

La Paloma
Carretera de Santa Gertrudis a Sant Lorenc
San Lorenc de Balafia, Ibiza, Spain

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Mooie inrichting en locatie. Ga je dit jaar weer heen?

    1. ja leuk he :)Helaas dit jaar niet ivm werk :( hoop er iig snel weer naar toe te gaan! Ibiza's calling me ;)

  2. Oeh wauw! Wat ziet het er gezellig uit! Ik ben nog nooit op Ibiza geweest, heb altijd zo'n massale-jongerenvakantie-gevoel, maar dat is niet (meer) van toepassing begrijp ik?

    1. Thanks Daniëlle! Alleen het zuiden is inderdaad party hardy! Maar het noorden is echt een klein geheimpje,het is er rustig, je vind er nog echte oude hippies en je kan er goddelijk eten! Het noorden van Ibiza is zeker een aanrader!