vrijdag 3 augustus 2012

Rituals: Bikram Yoga

With all the Olympic buzz going on I started to think about my own sport habits. The workout that works wonders for me is Bikram Yoga, or Hot Yoga. It is performed in a room over 40 degrees and a humidity of 40%, so sweating is guaranteed. After just a few classes I felt and saw several improvements, like a healthy glow on my skin, better sleeping and stress relief.

Here are my ultimate yoga tips:
1. DO NOT wear make up, because after 5 minutes it will be all over the place.
2. Wear something short and comfi, the Dutch brand Rituals features stylish yoga clothing.
3. Don't drink during your work out
4. Drink lot's of Coconut water after the workout; tasty and healthy!
5. eat two hours in advance of your work out, I prefer a light veggie soup like this one: Bell pepper Soup
6. Drink some fresh mixed juice an hour before class to enhance your body's sugar levels.
7. Enjoy!

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Hihi leuke tips. Cocos drinken, jammie! En dat van Rituals wist ik helemaal niet!

    1. Jaaa coconut water, super addictive en superlekker! Thanks!

  2. I tried it myself once. It's a very interesting experience. I didn't like it very much though, because of the smell there was in the room, because of all the sweat... I don't know, maybe I wasn't ready back then. Maybe I should try again. Thank you for this post. Have a great weekend!

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    1. Thanks Diana! Yeah I don't like the sweaty thing neither. What works for me is that I use the Sheer Love body balm by Victoria's Secret on forehand so I tent to only smell myself, and when I do it smells good ;). Try one more time, it took me about 3 lessons to really enjoy the experience.