donderdag 23 januari 2014

#100daysofhappy Day 5 Inspiration from Le Web - my fav blogs

I love surfing the web for inspiration. Especially on rainy days like these accompanied by a massive cup of green tea and cake, everybody loves cake right?

The following blogs I follow on a daily base, for that dose of daily inspiration and happiness.

The Chakboard magazine
This website is dedicated to wellness, nutrition and natural beauty. It features amazing pictures and great recipes, especially the green shake recipes and go try the Green Tom Kha Kai Soup, probably one of the best soups I ever tasted.

The Skinny Confidential
A bright and happy website I am pretty addicted to :). It covers healthy lifestyle, fitness, healthy recipes and fun styling tips for the house and yourself.

Sous Style
By far my favorite blog on the home, food and men. A website from down under that is beautifully styled and keeps me coming back pretty much every Monday for MaleMonday, which features men who cook, yes men in the kitchen….! And next to this it includes great coverages from girls all around the world with fun tips for eating out, stores etc.

Style Spy
A fine website for all girls who love their boards and are eager to travel! This fine blog is written from The Netherlands. Be sure to check out the latest post on the best city in the world (NY of course).

Honestly WTF
I was browsing the web for some fun diy's when I stumbled upon this website. It covers all things cool. From fashion, to hotels and from diy's to great recipes.

The Coveteur
This website takes you in to closets of celebs, models, and today's tastemakers. Now who doesn't want a sneak peek in Jessica Alba's closet.

Food, Love and Happiness
Actually the name says it all. Amazing recipes, clear explanations and beautiful pictures. This mouthwatering website is written from The Netherlands and makes you put on the apron and start cooking.

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