zondag 10 maart 2013

Healthy hippy

It's been a while ;)

Spring is just around the corner and oo boy am I excited for it, imagine how excited I am over summer. But… this long long winter has taken its toll on that beach body ;).
That is why I am turning things around, starting with a super healthy lifestyle. I am already a vegetarian for over 7 years, one of the best decisions of my life. Now I want to start focussing on feeling happy and healthy by eating happy food that is produced in a organic way, good for humans and animals and healthy food that does not only taste great but has cool benefits as well.

Some foodie facts to get inspired ;)

1. Avocado because: it lowers your cholesterol, regulates your blood sugar levels, prevention from breast cancer, anti aging because its incredibly rich in anti oxidants and because guacamole just tastes awesome ;).

2. Chickpeas because: They have an incredibly low GI so they'll keep you full, rich in fibers, full with proteins and increase a good night sleep because of their amino acids.

3. Apples because: an apple a day keeps the doctor away, decreases the risk for diabetes, detoxes your liver (especially after a long night of partying ;)),  boosts your immune system, apples can control your weight.

4. Raspberries because: they are incredibly rich in antioxidants, a great snack, no influence on your blood sugar, vitamin C overload, full of fibers, they are super tasty.

5. Oatmeal because: it keeps you full all day preventing you from an extravaganza binge, oats have a high concentration of well-balanced protein, cooked with soy milk, apple and cinnamon it's a real treat ;).

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  1. Mooi inspiratie. En voelt gelijk veel beter, healthy stuff eten :D