maandag 18 maart 2013

Healthy hippy pt. 2: Water

Water makes up more than two third of our body, so its is important to stay hydrated!

Ten super cool H2O effects:
1. Water helps the waistline
2. Water increases your metabolism
3. Water can help control the calories
4. Water helps the skin looking bright and flawless
5. Water helps to energize the muscles
6. Water helps to clear out toxins from your body
7. Water helps to digest food properly
8. Water improves your workout
9. Water keeps your heart healthy
10. Water is a good appetite suppressant

So time to get hydrated! However drinking over 2 liters of plain water might get a little bit boring. But wait before you grab for a bottle of Cola, Fanta, or any soda (please, please don't). Try to pimp your water the healthy way, in the end your body will be grateful ;).

Easy water pimpin:

A few slices of Cucumber and some fresh Mint leaves

Slices of Lime and Lemon

 Blueberries, Strawberries, Starfruit and Raspberries

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