woensdag 9 januari 2013

Starbucks and The City

For all those coffee and New York lovers out there: Starbucks and The City, a caffeinated journey through the streets of Manhattan.

This blog,  is written by someone who recently moved to New York and discovers the city in this cool way. Manhattan has over 200 Starbucks shops, you'll literally stumble over the logo on every street corner.

The Blog gives you, next to the quality of the Starbucks, an impression of the crowd and neighbourhood  and of course a quick coffee review ;).

I love Starbucks, first of all because of the coffee and free wifi, but secondly you really get a little peek at the city's in crowd over there like local bloggers, friends out on a day shopping, and moms desperate for a little energy boost. While living and working in Paris I always visited the Starbucks across the Opera, where I worked on my study, catched up with the latest Vogue and Elle, or I would lose myself in a good book. Every morning I still drink from my Paris Starbucks mug, not very Parisian, but sure a fun reminder ;).

First image in Courtesy of: http://nycstarbucks.wordpress.com

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